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About Clik

Clik is a Cambodia-based FinTech startup backed by world-class industry partners. We transform the payment experience by using the latest technologies, including mPOS, machine learning, and biometrics.

As a payment aggregator we facilitate payments using our e-wallet, or that of other platforms; payments via IPS cards; P2P payments; loyalty-driven reward redemptions; and more. We provide consumers with unprecedented value.

Merchants can be onboarded in less than 10 minutes; accept a multitude of digital payment methods; and make all types of payments, on 1 platform, simplifying and securing their operations while vastly improving their customer experience. Thanks to the data-rich customer insight we provide, offline players can now rival online players using tools that improve loyalty (fully customizable loyalty programs) and advertising effectiveness (micro-targeted message-marketing campaign management tools).

Throughout all of this, we respect the privacy of our users, as we will be GDPR compliant.

These tools not only enable the merchant to provide a personalized customer experience to all customers (app users and non-app users), but also monitor and understand performance in real-time, thanks to our ROI dashboards. It’s always better to rate performance in revenues rather than likes.

Our USP to merchants is that we help them sustainably grow their profits and monitor their success. We effectively enable brick-and-mortar merchants to access data analytics, like online businesses do, to transform and improve the shopping experience.

Find out more: https://www.clik.asia

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