Since the inception of the Cambodia Fintech Association in Aug 2018, we have rallied a community of 80 fintech companies to join us as members and we are proud to be able to bring international exposure (Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan ROC and Thailand) and awareness both into and out of Cambodia.

This also cannot be possible without a forward looking and experimental regulator in the kingdom too.

Throughout these two years, Fintech has garnered interest in the local scene and we began to see more activists within the community.

Today, we like to formally announce that Cambodia Fintech Association (CFA) and Cambodian Association of Fintech and Technology (CAFT) has decided to come together to serve the Fintech community better.

HE Chea Serey said: “Cambodian FinTech scene has many potentials, but needs collective efforts from regulators and industry. I am glad to see the synergy between the two organizations. Together, we can achieve more”.

Mr. Eddie Lee said: “Over the two years, the Fintech companies in Cambodia has stood out both local and internationally. We are also privileged to have brought payments and remittance fintech companies to a global stage at the Singapore Fintech Festival where they strut their innovation to visitors all over the world”.

“Throughout these 2 years, we have also seen passionate individuals who have stepped forward and volunteered and to serve the fintech industry and we believe that the new committee will be able to take this initiative to greater heights”, Jeremiah Lee said.

Under the new formation, the new association will be led by the Chairman, Pen Chanda together with Secretary General, Thomas Pokorny, Treasurer, Remi Pell and executive committee’s members Jeremiah Lee and Bernard Teo.

It will also be joined by Andrew Shin, Eddie Lee and Sim Chankiriroth as advisor to the Association.

Mr. Andrew Shin said: “It is my pleasure and honor to be a part of this historic moment in Cambodia Fintech scene. Thanks to Pen Chanda, Eddie Lee, and all the key stakeholders for your dedication to the successful merger between CFA and CAFT. Without your team work and passion for the future of Fintech in Cambodia, none of this would have been possible. I hope the new merged CAFT will bring creative and disruptive changes to the financial sectors for the benefit of the people in Cambodia”.

We like to take the opportunity to congratulate Mr Pen Chanda and we look forward to the steering committee stewardship towards a flourishing ecosystem.

Mr. Pen Chanda said: “This is a very exciting event for both our associations, for our members and the Fintech Community. We are forging a new combined association, an association that has the most prominent Fintech companies in Cambodia as members being represented by their influential and innovative leaders ready to share their enhanced experience and expertise.

I look forward in leading this association towards the future as we continue on with our advocacy in bringing together the Cambodian Fintech community and serve as its unified voice”.

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